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Mark and Clare Judd

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My Story

Mark and I are both from a corporate IT background. Mark owned his own business for many years and I held a senior management position with one of the UK’s leading IT companies.

From the outside we had a great lifestyle, good jobs and a lovely home, but we never had any time to enjoy those things. We wanted to start a family which had taken longer than planned and I didn't want to have any children with the thought of having to go back to working over 70 hours a week. I felt the company owned me and of course they did! 

So when the sister of a close friend asked Mark to have a look at what she did, we were sceptical and Mark initially dismissed it. But something intrigued me to look further and thank goodness I did. What I found was a company that ticked all the right boxes for us. A financially secure company that produced great products. 

Forever offered us the ability to build our own business where we had the ability to earn a six figure income and most importantly, give us the time we longed for. Today we are both able to work flexibly around our five year old daughter Mabel

I cannot imagine what my life would be like if we didn't have Forever. Guess I’d be juggling a full-time career with being a mum and wife. Unfortunately, many mums don’t think there are any positive options, especially when they have the security of a great salary.

It’s a great feeling to be in control of our destiny and create the lifestyle we've always wanted and help many others to do the same.

For that we are both very grateful